Motorcycle Accident Attorney Chris Olsen Can Secure the Compensation You Need

motorcycle lying on side on residential roadAll too often, car and truck drivers do not watch for motorcycles. In fact, thousands of motorcyclists each year are seriously hurt or killed due to the negligence of car and truck drivers. Motorcyclists who have suffered because of an inattentive or reckless driver can turn to motorcycle accident attorney Chris Olsen in San Diego, CA. With his proven legal expertise, he can help you secure the compensation you need in order to recover from a motorcycle accident. To learn more about how Chris Olsen can help you through this difficult time, contact his office today and schedule a personal consultation.

Building a Compelling Case

Although a number of factors can cause a motorcycle accident, including poor road conditions and faulty parts, most accidents are due to careless motorists. Chris Olsen can analyze the information related to your case to determine who is at fault, and determine if it warrants further legal action. If he takes your case, he can create a compelling and thorough argument to help you receive maximum compensation. Depending on the details of your case, he may use a field expert or cutting-edge technology to simulate the accident. He may also call upon medical experts to substantiate your claim. Proving negligence in motorcycle accidents can be difficult, but Chris Olsen has the knowledge and resources to accurately illustrate the circumstances of your accident for a jury.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When struck by another driver, motorcyclists face the risk of catastrophic injuries because they are more vulnerable than other motorists on the roadways. Motorcycle accident victims often require long-term treatment to fully recover from their injuries. The ongoing discomfort related to the injuries can take both a physical and emotional toll. The extended care can also take a significant financial toll. Co-pays, medications, and related expenses can add up quickly. Even victims with extensive medical coverage can expect to pay a substantial amount directly and indirectly related to their therapy. Patients will most likely also have to take time from work to heal. These lost wages compound the economic repercussions of a motorcycle accident.

The financial strain, physical trauma, and emotional stress of a motorcycle accident can be incredibly difficult for victims and their families. If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a motorcycle, you need experienced legal counsel who can fight for you and help you collect the compensation necessary to rebuild your life.

Chris Olsen's Legal Expertise

Chris Olsen has proven success in representing clients in a variety of personal injury cases over the last 10 years. He has won millions for his clients through negotiations, individual claims, and class action suits. He combines this proven legal experience with a personable approach to give clients compassionate counsel and aggressive representation in the courtroom.

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Motorcyclists have the same rights to our roadways as other drivers. If you have been injured because of another driver's negligence, you should secure experienced legal representation right away. Schedule a free consultation with Chris Olsen to assess your case.

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