Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve in an Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

Paycheck stub and penMany employees have been treated unfairly by their employers in regards to their pay. State and federal laws require that employers pay their employees a fair wage in a timely manner. When an employer fails to meet this basic requirement, it creates a financial hardship for their employees who depend on their wages. Victims of unpaid wage violations are entitled to legal representation to protect their rights and recover the compensation they deserve. Attorney Chris Olsen is experienced in handling all aspects of an unpaid wages lawsuit in the San Diego area, and he will fight to secure what is legally yours. If you feel that your employer has unjustly withheld money or have questions concerning your rights as an employee, contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation with attorney Chris Olsen today.

Unpaid Wages Due to Hours Violations

Employees are entitled to compensation for every hour of work that they perform. Employers will sometimes violate this rule by asking their employees to work "off the clock," meaning before or after regular working hours. Employees may also be asked to work through state and federally mandated times for meals and breaks. And an hours violation can occur if the employer fails to pay an employee for time spent training or traveling for work.

Occasionally, an employee's paycheck will be for a fewer number of hours than they actually worked. These incorrect paychecks usually occur because of a processing or bank error and are typically corrected in a timely fashion. If this is a recurring issue with your employer, they may be intentionally not paying the full amount you are owed. Any of these situations could constitute a labor law violation and require the intervention of an experienced employment attorney.

Payday and Final Paycheck Violations

In California, the state also requires employers to pay their employees in a timely manner. Specifically, employees are entitled to be paid by the 10th of each month for work performed between the 16th and the end of the preceding month, and by the 26th for wages earned between the 1st and the 15th of that month. 

California also has labor codes for the disbursement of final paychecks. If an employee leaves involuntarily because of a lay-off or wrongful termination, they are entitled to an immediate payment of all compensation that they are due. If an employee resigns voluntarily, the employer legally has 72 hours to pay the employee in full. The compensation that is due to the employee at the end of the working relationship consists of wages for hours worked, earned commission sales and bonuses, and reimbursement for unused vacation days and time-off benefits.

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If you feel that you have fallen victim to any of the illegal practices described above or have questions about your specific case, attorney Chris Olsen can help you determine the options you have for legal recourse. Don't be denied the fair compensation that you deserve. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation today.

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