Whistleblower Examples Include Employees Who Report Corruption, Discrimination, Harassment, and Fraud

Examples of whistleblower cases cover considerable territory, from accounting irregularities and government fraud to racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Here at Olsen Law Offices, we recognize the professional, social, and personal risks whistleblowers take when they step forward. We are passionate about protecting the rights and safety of those who are willing to take these risks.

If you are faced with a difficult situation in the workplace, we have provided whistleblower examples to help you understand your rights. Contact our San Diego, CA, office today to schedule a consultation with Chris Olsen.

Whistleblower Examples

Some of the most common whistleblower cases involve employees reporting:

  • Corruption: This type of case includes reporting a broad range of illegal conduct. Bribery is one of the best-known examples, but corruption also covers fraud, embezzlement, and kickbacks.
  • Racial discrimination: If two employees in similar situations are treated differently as a result of one person’s race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin, or immigrant status, this is legally considered racial discrimination. Nonetheless, many of these factors are often used to unfairly determine who receives a job, promotion, or other benefits in the workplace.
  • Sexual harassment: There are many laws and policies in place to protect workers from unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks, but these are often under-enforced. As a consequence, many cases of sexual harassment go unreported.
  • Fraud: Fraud refers to any wrongful or criminal deception undertaken to gain financial or personal benefits. Fraud can be committed in almost any field, including business, education, and government. The most common examples are price fixing, over-billing or billing for services not performed, concealing safety concerns or violations, and false certifications by educational institutions or certifying agencies. There are particularly severe repercussions for those who commit fraud against the government.

These cases are the most common, but whistleblowing covers the reporting of any safety or legal violations, including the improper disposal of industrial chemicals or requiring employees to work in unsafe conditions.

Workplace Retaliation

With harsh legal consequences looming, many employers attempt to undermine or punish workers who file reports of ethical or legal misconduct. Actions can range from subtle harassment to outright persecution. Examples include:

  • Reducing pay
  • Cutting hours
  • A new position that is essentially a demotion
  • Blacklisting
  • Termination of employment

Any action on the part of an employer that negatively affects an employee’s current or future employment status or work environment can be considered workplace retaliation. Because of the potentially long-lasting effects of this kind of action, those who witness or become aware of misconduct often stay silent.

The Benefits of Experienced Legal Representation

An experienced employment law attorney can protect your rights. A number of laws are in place to protect workers, including the Whistleblower Protection Act, which legally allows employees to file complaints against employers they believe are retaliating in response to reporting misconduct.

In some cases, whistleblowers may be entitled to collect damages. If an employee loses his or her job as a result of whistleblowing, this kind of compensation can provide support until they find new employment.

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"We recognize the professional, social, and personal risks whistleblowers take when they step forward. We are passionate about protecting the rights and safety of those who are willing to take these risks."

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