Dangerous Design Flaws Can Lead to Product Liability Lawsuits

Mar 23, 2016 — by Chris Olsen
Tags: Product Liability

A barcode seen close upAttorney Chris Olsen is a leading attorney based in San Diego, helping clients in their time of legal need with expert legal advice and counsel. His litigation experience is especially important for product liability lawsuits involving dangerous consumer goods.

There are many aspects to product liability cases to consider. Right now, we want to look at product liability suits as whole, then focus on design flaws and how those may contribute to injuries and accidents.

About Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability lawsuits are filed in order to hold the makers and distributors accountable for consumer goods that cause injuries. This covers a whole host of good and items, and compensation is collected to help cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other hardships that victim have incurred due to the harmful product.

Sometimes the product is dangerous due to issues with manufacturing or distribution, though our primary focus right now is on products that are harmful due to their design.

When Problems Arise at the Level of Product Design

The design of a product may be inherently flawed, and in such a way that it makes injury and accidents more likely. When a product is inherently dangerous in this way, the company responsible needs to be held accountable for their actions since a dangerous product such as this should not have been released in the first place.

Examples of Dangerous Product Flaws

One example of a design flaw in a product involves vehicle design. You may recall that in 2014, General Motors (GM) was forced to recall tens of millions of their vehicles due to a problem with their ignition switches. These flaws in their ignition switches led to engines accidentally shutting down while being driven. When these incidents occurred, the engine wouldn't just be shut off, but the airbags in the vehicles would not deploy. This design flaw in the vehicle ignition was linked to at least 124 deaths.

Another example of a design flaw would be in children's toys. For babies and toddlers, it's important that their toys not have any sharp or pointed edges. If they do, then children may cut themselves accidentally. Sometimes a toy may have small parts, which can pose a choking hazard to very young children. In such cases, these design flaws pose a significant risk of injury, and the makers must be held accountable.

The Product Is Inherently Dangerous: Noting That Distinction

We come back again to the idea of inherent danger. It must be shown that the product in question posed an inherent danger from the outset. Any problems with manufacturing (e.g., the wrong materials used, poor fabrication) or with shipping and distribution (e.g., damage during transit or storage) are different matters unrelated to the design of a product.

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Product Liability Case

If a product of any kind has harmed you or a loved one, it is of the utmost importance that you speak with a skilled attorney about such matters. Our team will help you seek just compensation and hold the negligent company accountable. Whether the case is settled out of court or goes to trial, we will provide expert counsel that will help you achieve peace of mind.

Speak with Chris Olsen About Your Case

To learn more about your legal options following an injury due to a defective product, be sure to contact our law firm today. Attorney Chris Olsen and his legal team will work with your to ensure the strongest case possible.

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