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Jan 24, 2018 — by Chris Olsen
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A spinal cord injury is typically classified as a catastrophic injury. This is because spinal cord injuries tend to have severe and even lifelong consequences. When a spinal cord injury is the result of another party’s reckless or negligent behavior, as is often the case, the injury victim has a right to collect financial compensation for their losses. Attorney Chris Olsen has a wealth of experience representing victims of spinal cord injuries. He understands the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that a spinal cord injury can cause. Victims dealing with the consequences of spinal cord injuries can depend on San Diego, CA, attorney Chris Olsen to work on their behalf to collect maximum compensation for such losses.

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The most common consequence of a spinal cord injury is paralysis. The spinal cord consists of neurons and nerve fibers that are basically the communication center of the body. These nerves send signals to the brain, as well as deliver messages from the brain to the body. When a spinal cord injury occurs, these functions can be compromised. As a result, spinal cord injuries frequently result in paralysis. Depending on the extent of the injury, and where along the spinal cord damage occurred, an individual may suffer from partial paralysis or full paralysis. Partial paralysis describes a loss of movement and sensation below the waist. Full paralysis describes a total loss of movement and sensation below the point of injury, which often includes the arms, hands, and trunk of the body, as well as the legs and feet. Both partial and full paralysis may also impact a person’s urinary and bowel functions as well as their sexual functions. A spinal cord injury may result in temporary paralysis, but it is often a permanent condition.

Muscle Spasms

Although a spinal cord injury often results in paralysis, the muscles may still occasionally move on their own. This is a condition known as spasticity. It is common for victims of spinal cord injuries to experience muscle spasms or rapid muscle contractions. The injured party will have no control over these sudden, erratic reflexes. While most people with spinal cord injuries deal with some degree of muscle spasms, they tend to be more prevalent in those with partial paralysis.

Respiratory Complications

A lesser known consequence of spinal cord injuries is respiratory complications. Following a spinal injury, victims may lose control of the muscles that control expiration, or coughing. If individuals are unable to clear their lungs of secretions, they are more prone to lung infections and other pulmonary complications. Respiratory conditions are actually a leading cause of death among victims of spinal cord injuries suffering from paralysis.

Financial Losses

While a person’s health and quality of life are far more important than their finances, the financial losses associated with a spinal cord injury cannot be ignored. Spinal cord injuries require extensive medical treatment, and the costs of these services can quickly add up. In addition to check-ups, medication, and other medical services, many spinal cord injury victims require the use of a wheelchair or other medical devices. They may even have to make alterations to their living space to make it more accessible for their new condition. Finally, a spinal cord injury can alter a person’s ability to work. All of these consequences can place a huge financial burden on the injury victim and their families.

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