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The business world is quite complex, and may present a number of legal challenges. Whether you are starting a business, dealing with the day-to-day challenges of running a corporation, or seeking compensation for wrongdoing by a company, business law attorney Chris Olsen in San Diego is ready to help you. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can protect your business and help ensure its growth and development. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Breach of Contract

Chris Olsen has a particular focus on breach of contract cases, and has successfully represented both private individuals and large businesses. He has earned a reputation as an outstanding attorney who is relentless in the pursuit of justice on behalf of his clients. Chris Olsen handles all types of contract agreements, including:

  • Employment Contracts – An employment contract is a binding document between an employer and employee. Most jobs do not require an employment contract; however, jobs that involve complex training, confidential knowledge, or added benefits may include a contract. In some situations, employers and employees may have an unwritten contract, based on common industry procedures or previously set business standards.
  • Lease Agreements – This type of contract is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant. A lease agreement can run month to month, or it can be a fixed-term contract, which usually lasts a year. Typically, a landlord and a tenant will use a lease to set the rent, determine who is in charge of repairs and maintenance, set restrictions on changes that may be made to the property, and set limits on pets and subletting.
  • Goods and Services Contracts – This type of agreement establishes a relationship between a client and a professional service provider. Typically, this type of contract specifies the goods or services to be rendered, a timeline for the work, pay rates, intellectual property ownership, reasons for contract termination, liability, and similar matters.

No matter what type of contract two parties use, breach of contract is a serious legal offense. Chris Olsen can thoroughly investigate the situation and fight for justice and financial compensation on your behalf.

Business Formation and General Counsel

If you are in the process of starting a new business, Chris Olsen is ready to help you as you set up the legal and financial structures. His business formation services include:

  • Registering as a business with the state
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number and Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Writing business contracts
  • Explaining employment and labor law

After your business is established, Chris Olsen can serve as an agent for service of process, or as external general counsel. An agent of process receives all legal and tax documentation, and ensures that they are delivered to the business owners. By providing external general counsel, Chris Olsen acts as an informed neutral party who can advise you and protect your business from legal difficulty.

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Whether you are a business owner, or you are in the midst of a business-related legal dispute, Chris Olsen is ready to provide you with advice and expert representation. Contact Olsen Law Offices today to schedule your free consultation. With years of experience and a passion for defending those who have been treated unjustly, when you work with Chris Olsen, you are sure to receive knowledgeable and highly personalized legal counsel.

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