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Although federal and state laws protect the rights of employees in the workplace, gender discrimination persists in many forms. Women may not be hired for a job, receive decreased wages, be denied pregnancy leave, or endure in-office harassment. If your employer is treating you unfairly based on your gender, you have rights to legal action. Chris Olsen is a gender discrimination lawyer serving San Diego and the surrounding area. Backed by extensive experience representing discriminated workers, he can provide you with exceptional legal services and win the compensation you deserve. He has successfully represented individuals as well as class action lawsuits. Contact our practice today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options.

What is Gender Discrimination?

Gender discrimination involves treating an employee or job applicant unfavorably because of that person’s gender. This can apply to hiring, firing, pay, promotions, job assignments, training, benefits, and any other term or condition of employment. An employment policy or practice that is universally applicable to men and women may also be considered illegal if it negatively impacts the employment of a certain gender, and is not necessary to the business or the job.

Examples of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination can be difficult for victims to identify. Some of the most common forms of gender discrimination include:

  • Hiring – Employees may not be hired for a job based on gender for a number of reasons, including if a woman is a mother with young children, or the employer is more comfortable working with men.
  • Conditions of employment – A hiring condition is considered illegal if it is not necessary for a job or workplace, and is in place to preclude women from applying or from being hired. For example, a freight company may state that candidates must be able to lift 100 pounds. This skill may not actually be necessary to the job, and instead serve to deter women from applying.
  • Pay – Unfortunately, women continue to make less than men for doing the same jobs. In fact, a 2012 study found that full-time female employees make about 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. When experience and training are comparable, and a male is hired at a higher wage than a female, it may be considered gender discrimination.
  • Promotion – Gender discrimination in promotion practices tends to be easier to identify. If a female employee is passed over for promotion, but a male counterpart with less experience or training is advanced, it may be a sign of unfair workplace policies.
  • Job classification – At many companies, jobs can be classified according to their pay and opportunities for advancement. Gender discrimination may be a concern if women tend to hold the lower-paying jobs, while men typically secure the higher-paying positions with greater opportunities for advancement.
  • Pregnancy – California leads the nation in providing paid family leave for expecting mothers and fathers. Paid Family Leave (PFL), also known as Family Temporary Disability Insurance (FTDI), must be taken at the same time as the 12 weeks of unpaid leave provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Discrimination can include job termination, demotion, mistreatment, harassment, or denial of leave and other rights based on a woman’s pregnancy.
  • Sexual harassment – Behavior that is inappropriate or offensive, and sexual in nature on the part of an employer, manager, or coworker, is considered sexual harassment. Harassment may take the form of lewd comments, sexual discussions and advances, sexual assault, and the request of sexual favors, among other improper actions.

If you identify with any of these situations and suspect you may be a victim of gender discrimination in the workplace, attorney Chris Olsen can help. During your free consultation, he can assess your case and advise you whether further legal action is recommended.

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Despite laws that are meant to prevent employers from treating employees differently, gender discrimination remains a concern in the workplace and perpetrators need to be held accountable. Contact us today to learn more about gender discrimination and your rights.

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