An Experienced Workplace Safety Attorney Can Help if Your Employer Jeopardized Your Safety

Workplace safety attorney Chris Olsen in San Diego can help you secure compensation for your right to workplace safety through his employment law office. Federal and state regulations are in place to protect employees from dangerous and hazardous work conditions. Especially in industries that involve the operation of heavy machinery or exposure to dangerous chemicals, proper training and safety gear must be made available to employees. When hazardous work conditions arise, there must be protocols in place for the employee to report the issue without fear of retaliation, and the hazard must be addressed and corrected in a timely manner. 

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What is OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal entity created to administer and ensure compliance with workplace safety regulations. In some cases, OSHA will send officials to perform onsite inspections of workplace conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) was created in 1970 to establish the duties of employers in the workplace and the rights of employees to a safe working environment.

Federal and state regulations are in place to protect employees from dangerous and hazardous work conditions.

Responsibilities of the Employer

The OSH Act requires employers to proactively seek out potential dangers and hazards to their employees’ health. If and when a hazard is discovered and brought to the attention of the employer, the hazard must be addressed through removal, repair, or other means to eliminate risk to employees. If a hazard is non-removable, employees must be made aware of the hazard and provided with appropriate safety gear and training. Employers are required to maintain reports of workplace safety and health accidents and make these reports available to be viewed by employees and government officials.

Rights of the Employee

Employees must be informed of existing workplace hazards and must receive proper training and safety gear regarding the handling of such hazards. Employees also have the right to know the health and safety laws that are applicable to the particular business and/or industry. It is important that employees understand the process for filing confidential complaints with the government in the event that laws are broken, without the potential of retaliation for filing such a claim.

Common Workplace Hazards

Workplace hazards vary from business to business and between industries. Offices will have the potential for very different hazards than a manufacturing plant. In general, workplace hazards may include any of the following:

  • Malfunctioning equipment or machinery, lack of proper safety guards on equipment, and equipment that is not properly serviced or repaired.
  • Electrical hazards, including incorrect or old wiring and frayed electrical cords.
  • Chemical or radiation exposure, including spills or mishandling of chemicals and a lack of proper safety gear to handle chemicals.
  • Biohazards, such as handling blood or other bodily fluids and exposure to mold or fungi.
  • Exposure to environmental elements, such as extremely cold or hot temperatures for extended periods of time, and extensive sun exposure without adequate skin protection.

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As an employee, you have the right to be made aware of any existing or newly discovered workplace hazards. You also have the right to report any hazards without fear of retaliation for your actions. If you suspect your employer is mishandling dangerous workplace conditions, contact Olsen Law Offices today to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case in detail.

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