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A man in a collar shirt and tieThe Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for employers to discriminate based on race with regard to any terms or conditions of employment. Race discrimination can be committed against employees, employee applicants, and even against employees married to or spending time with people of a certain race. Attorney Chris Olsen is a race discrimination attorney in San Diego who is committed to upholding justice for mistreated employees. If you have been the victim of workplace discriminatory practices, please make an appointment with Chris Olsen to explore your next legal steps.

Identifying Race Discrimination

The civil rights movement of the 1960s resulted in a number of federal laws and penalties that protect the rights of minorities. Racial workplace discrimination was effectively made illegal on the grounds that an employee or job applicant cannot be treated unfavorably based on that person’s race. These rules apply to hiring, firing, pay, promotions, job assignments, training, benefits, or any other condition of employment.

Examples of Race Discrimination

Racial discrimination in the workplace can be a highly sensitive issue and difficult for victims to identify. Common forms of workplace racial discrimination can include:

  • Hiring - It is illegal for employers to not hire a potential employee based on their race, whether or not an employer or their clients are comfortable working with people of a certain race.
  • Conditions of employment - A hiring condition is considered illegal if it is not necessary for a position, but is in place to preclude people of a certain race from applying or being hired. As an example, a manufacturing company may claim that candidates must be of a specified height to complete certain job tasks. This trait may not actually be needed for the job, but serve as a way to deter people of a certain race from applying.
  • Pay - When experience and training are comparable, and two people of different races are hired at different pay scales, this may be an incident of racial discrimination.
  • Promotion - Racial discrimination in promotion practices tends to be more obvious in determining fault. An example might be if a minority employee with strong performance reviews is passed over for promotion, but less qualified white employees are promoted.
  • Job classification - Racial discrimination may be to blame if a worker’s responsibilities have increased over time, but job classification or pay have remained stagnant. If minority employees tend to hold lower paying jobs, and white employees are predominately in managerial positions, this can also be a result of illegal racial discrimination.
  • Harassment - Racial slurs, jokes, and other behavior that is inappropriate or offensive and racially motivated on the part of an employer, manager, or coworker are considered harassment and are illegal.
  • Association - Racial discrimination can be committed against an employee or hire based on the person's marriage to, relationships with, or associations with people of a certain race.

If you have experienced anything similar to these situations, or have experienced other incidents that may fall into the category of racial discrimination, attorney Chris Olsen can offer you his outstanding legal support. During your free consultation, he can review your case to determine if it warrants further legal action. Clients who have a claim can rest assured that they will be represented fairly and aggressively to recover the compensation they are due.

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Discrimination exacts an enormous price on individuals, their families, and communities and society at large. For victims of unfair workplace discrimination, there are legal measures that you can pursue. Schedule a consultation with attorney Chris Olsen today to help fortify your rights.

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