Fighting for Victims of Medication Errors

medical errorsMedication errors can have devastating consequences. Injuries resulting from improper dosages or incorrect directions can require costly medical care that can easily bring a victim to financial ruin. However, a successful medical malpractice suit can help a victim to collect the restitution necessary to cover these expenses and rebuild their life. Attorney Chris Olsen in San Diego, CA, can provide you with the representation necessary to ensure that the negligent medical professional is held responsible and that you are compensated for your losses. Call (619) 550-9352 today to schedule a case review.

Common Types of Medication Errors

There are several errors that can occur when prescribing or providing medication, such as:

  • Prescribing the wrong dosage of the right medication, which can result in inefficient therapeutic effects or harmful effects and toxicity
  • Prescribing the wrong medication, often in conjunction with a misdiagnosis
  • Prescribing the right medication and the right dosage, but the wrong instructions for taking the medication
  • Prescribing medication that is contraindicated due to the patient's medical history or other prescribed medications
  • Errors due to illegible handwriting on the part of the prescribing doctor
  • Using defective medical devices to regulate or administer medication

When a patient receives the wrong medication, the incorrect dosage, or the wrong instructions on how to take the medication, the negligent party must be held accountable.

Common Pharmacy Errors

Sometimes the error takes place in a pharmacy setting. Most pharmacy medication errors are the result of:

  • Placing incorrect labels on a prescription bottle
  • Dispensing the wrong medication or dosage to a patient
  • Failing to explain the instructions or proper usage of a medication to a patient

Why You Need an Attorney

Medicine is a complex and lucrative field in which the stakes are always high. We depend on medical professionals to safeguard our health, but these credentialed and respected individuals remain as capable as anyone of human error. As a result, you can expect that a hospital, pharmacy, or other medical institution will have highly experienced legal counsel ready to take any measure necessary to prove that the injuries you suffered are not the fault of their client. Put simply, it requires an advanced understanding of both the law and medical protocol to prove that negligence on the part of a medical professional resulted in your losses.

Attorney Chris Olsen represents clients in a variety of medical malpractice cases. He can handle your medication error case or wrongful death suit with compassion and care while you concentrate on healing. With Chris Olsen's help, you can recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or other losses due to a pharmacy or medication error, you will need an attorney who can protect your best interests. Statutes of limitations apply to cases of medical malpractice, so we encourage you to arrange a legal consultation as soon as possible. Contact our office at (619) 550-9352 or reach out to us online to schedule your free case review.

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