Fight Negligent Manufacturers with Help from a Defective Medical Devices Lawyer

Defective medical deviceDefective medical devices can result in life-changing repercussions, impacting the victim’s mobility, ability to work, confidence, and overall quality of life. Mr. Chris Olsen is an experienced defective medical devices lawyer who works with medical experts to evaluate faulty devices and help victims recover maximum punitive and compensatory damages. Medical devices, whether implanted into our bodies or used to aid in healing, are supposed to improve the patient’s quality of life. When these devices are defective, unsuspecting patients suffer. Mr. Olsen has helped countless clients in San Diego, CA, take action against negligent medical device manufacturers. If you have suffered an injury from a faulty medical device, contact Olsen Law Offices online or call (619) 550-9352 to discuss your claim.

Common Medical Devices with Defects

Medical devices are designed to aid patients with certain health complications. These devices may work internally or externally to prevent surgical complications and other damaging injuries. Unfortunately, when these devices are defective, patients are at a greater risk of serious health problems. This can lead to costly and sometimes irreparable damages.

Unfortunately, when these devices are defective, patients are at a greater risk of serious health problems.

The most common defective medical devices include:

Medications, such as Xarelto®, Invokana®, and Zofran, can also injure patients. 

Types of Device Defects

There are actually different types of defects, which include design, manufacturing, and marketing. Design defects mean the design of the device was flawed from the start. Manufacturing defects may affect small to large amounts of devices. These types of defects could mean the device is missing a key component or the device was damaged in some way.

Marketing defects are actually more common that you might think. A marketing defect generally means the product was poorly advertised, which resulted in injuries. Medical device manufacturers want to sell as much of their product as possible, so they may conveniently leave out key factors such as:

  • Proper labeling or instructions for use
  • Certain, serious side effects
  • Potentially life-threatening allergic reactions

Manufacturers may also market the product as safe, even if research and tests have proven otherwise.

Why It Is Critical to Work with a Defective Medical Devices Lawyer

If you suffered an injury due to a defective device, you need a lawyer who is equipped to take on large manufacturers. These defects can occur at multiple stages, so other parties could also be liable, including suppliers and retailers. This makes these cases even more complex.

Mr. Olsen has the capacity to conduct a full investigation to determine which parties are liable for your injuries. He will then file a claim, negotiating with insurance companies along the way as needed. If necessary, he will take your case to trial to hold the negligent parties accountable for their defective product. With his help, you can recover damages compensating you for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and lowered quality of life.

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